Song of the Lamb

Song of the Lamb

Song of the Lamb

"And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb." - Revelation 15:3

Welcome to our Song of the Lamb website!  My name is Pete Mason and my wife Cyndie and I form Song of the Lamb.  We started recording and touring in Canada and the USA in 2007 right after we were married.  Click on the video to the right to watch our song Holy is the Lamb.  Cyndie and I are the founders of the Missionaries of Merciful Love, a private association of the faithful dedicated to spreading the merciful love of Jesus to the world. 



January 24, 2014

Cyndie and Pete are astounding people and it's worth the time to explore their website

- Alan
ìThe most creative presentation of the gospel I have ever seenî
- Pastor Tim Hill



God is certainly at work in your lives.  May He continue to touch many souls through you."

- Rev. Paul Murphy, Christ the King Church, Courtenay, BC
"Pete and Cyndie did a wonderful job of entertaining our students and staff. More importantly, they presented the gospel in a powerful and exciting manner."

- Andrew Novecosky, Principal of St. Alphonse School, Viscount, Saskatchewan
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My eyes started welling up when you played the song on the mandolin. I felt God was calling me to a greater intimacyî

-Concert goer from Ottawa, Ontario 
"What an amazing thing you are doing: Presenting the truth without watering it down."

- Parent from Brant Christian School, Brant, Alberta

- Pastor of a London, Ontario parish